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One to one work with people

who want to make changes

Making the decision to seek help from a therapist can be a vital first step in making changes. Talking to someone outside of your life who is trained to listen, reflect and observe is very likely to leave you looking differently at your world.


I have over thirty years of experience of working as a therapist which has taught me that counselling and psychotherapy offer creative solutions, mobilizing our own strengths and courage to change. Talking things through and exploring together is at the core of my work. I offer a safe environment and come to my work with respect and admiration for those who have decided to seek help. I work to a code of ethics as laid down by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy; I am on their national register of Psychotherapists.


I am on a spiritual path and this is integrated into my work and my life. A spiritual approach to change is something I can offer but this is not part of the sessions I offer routinely; my professional expertise is as a psychotherapist.


There is a potentially powerful connection between shamanism and psychoanalytic psychotherapy; both offer the means of clearing the past, finding peace of mind and finding our place in the world. They can reinforce and complement one another. Soul retrieval is key work in both traditions. Working in a way that integrates the two is something that I can offer if you are interested in exploring the potential.

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