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Having lived and worked in London for over twenty years, in 1995 I moved back to North Devon to bring up my children in my home town of Ilfracombe.  Living with the sea in an area so abundant in natural beauty, I feel blessed.


I have experience of being employed in various settings including social work and employee counselling, I have worked as a self-employed psychotherapist part time for thirty years. In 2011 I became full time.


Living in North Devon has given me a strong connection to the magic of the earth and the wisdom it holds. I have learnt that healing and well-being comes from our relationship to the earth and I see that so many of the problems we experience in our society come from having lost this relationship. Over time we have allowed ourselves to be parasites on the earth taking from it. By becoming the guardians of the earth and honouring its gifts we find balance.


Shamanism is a spiritual path that teaches how to connect with the earth, it is an ancient path that our ancestors followed and it is as relevant to us today as it was for them. I have studied Shamanic ways for the last 15 years and I have completed a 3 year training.


I am training as priestess of the Celtic Goddess Bridget .Bridget, mother of the Celtic world is the Goddess of healing, transformation and inspiration working with her beautiful energy is the most powerful way of making changes that I have found.


Psychotherapy and counselling can offer us the chance to make changes in ourselves. I think that working from a spiritual path provides a powerful way of putting these changes into practice and helping us to truly find our place in the world.



I have a degree in English Literature and Sociology, a Masters degree from Oxford University in Applied Social Studies and qualifications in teaching and in social work.

I successfully completed 4 year training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with The Guild of Psychotherapists. I have certificates of attendance on a 3 year Training in Shamanic work with Northern Drum and from a 2 year training as a Priestess of Bridget with the Goddess Temple, Glastonbury.

I have been practicing counselling and psychotherapy for over thirty years and I am on the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy register.

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