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As a priestess of Brigid I invoke the love and care of the goddess to bring blessings, comfort and inspiration. This can mean writing a blessing for you, crafting a sacred object for you, making sacred anointing oil for you, making a bracelet for you.


Blessings help to focus the intentions we have, to make changes or to ask for healing for ourselves or others. They can be particularly helpful at times of transition – taking on a new relationship, stepping onto a new path, facing illness, preparing for death.


I make goddess inspired gifts often to reflect the season and to call for personal protection and blessings for the home and loved ones. If you have a favourite animal – maybe a power animal, or particular tree or plant that you are drawn to, I will craft with this for you.


Charges for this service are to cover costs and range from £5 to £50.


For professional psychotherapy or counselling services in North Devon, call me on

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