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Brigid the Goddess

Stories of Brigid the Goddess have been told for thousands of years and point to a time when the balance between men and women in society was different from that which went on to develop in the patriarchal Christian era introduced by roman invaders. Celtic, pagan traditions were largely lost. Brigid, Brigantia, Britannia was not so easily dismissed! She was incorporated into Christianity as St Bridget.


In this troubled world, so often dominated by war cries and the unfolding disasters of climate change, the Grandmothers of all nations have spoken to us. They urge us to “rebalance, to seek harmony” between the male and female energies within us and within the society we have created. The path of the Goddess is one of respecting and honouring the feminine and recognizing and developing its power to bring out the best in ourselves and in our world.


Brigid manifests the sacred, the divine feminine. She is the triple Goddess – maiden, mother, crone who lights the three fires of healing, inspiration and transformation

As mother and midwife her fire is in the hearth, she is in the home, in the family, on the land, offering protection and healing.

Her fire of inspiration brings our creativity to life, encouraging us to express ourselves in art, in craft with words.

Depicted as a blacksmith, she hammers at the raw materials of the earth fashioning shape, form purpose from them. Her fire of the forge is there as we seek transformation and change.

Above all Brigid is a companion, a guide – a feisty, passionate, accepting, wise friend. A perfect mentor on the spiritual and on the earthly path, she is as relevant today as she was to our ancestors.


As her priestess I serve Brigid by working to bring balance and harmony. I am committed to running workshops that will celebrate the Goddess and to offering her healing and love through my work.

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