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Psychotherapy involves commitment and its aim is to help you to make changes.

Psychotherapy involves:

• Exploring your past

• Becoming aware of unconscious processes

• Making a trusting relationship with the therapist

• Working with dreams, creativity and imagination

Psychotherapy can offer:

• New ways of seeing yourself

• Relief from anxiety and depression

• Self-acceptance and self-belief

• A positive and creative outlook

• Overcoming unhappiness

Psychotherapy and counselling service across Devon


Counselling is usually short term and will offer you the space to talk in confidence to someone who is trained to listen and to help you understand yourself better and to help you overcome issues or problems.

Counselling can help with specific issues including:

• A problem within the family or a relationship

• Stress at work

• Bereavement

• Anxiety and depression

• Coming to terms with illness or disability

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