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Shamanism is not a religion it is a way of looking at the world around us that our ancestors followed. Our relationship to the earth is vital to our well-being - it is in this relationship we find deep healing and transformation. It is a core shamanic belief that everything is alive, sacred, and connected.


Shamanism offers: The chance to live in harmony with the earth and its rhythms and access to the powerful healing energies of the earth and of the divine mystery.


Working with me in a shamanic session could mean:


• An introduction to working with shamanic beliefs.

• Establishing a connection with the earth and its healing spirits

• Finding your power animal and spirit guides

• Taking a medicine walk

• Working with plant spirits

• Shamanic journeying

• Spiritual healing

• Soul retrieval

• Celebrating the wheel of the year


We will work out togerher what is needed.

Shamanic work

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