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The Medicine Walk


When we are facing decisions that can be life changing, when we are uncertain about what direction to take in life, indecision can send us spinning.

The medicine walk is a way of seeking help at such times. It comes from the ancient traditions of our ancestors who sought guidance in nature through reading signs and looking for omens.


This Autumn and Winter I am offering the medicine walk as a one to one, half day session.


The session will be in three parts:

1.Preparing to walk – creating a sacred alliance, meditation, shamanic journeying.

2.Taking the walk.

3.Seeking the wisdom that has come from the walk over a hot drink.


It is possible to walk by the sea, by the river, in the woods or on the moor, we will decide on this beforehand so please ring to discuss your booking.


The cost of the half day session is £60



Saturday December 10th – Gathering Energy for Midwinter

“Blessing the evergreens” – connecting with the sacred plants of winter – holly, ivy, mistletoe and yew. Divining for the year ahead with card readings – an afternoon gathering 2 – 6, in my home with tea, cake and fire £20, places limited to 6


Workshops and News

"Making Changes"

connecting with nature in a Sacred Way – workshops are planned for 2017


When we can align ourselves with the rthymn of nature we work with the source of

all energy and power.

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For further information and bookings, please contact Liz:

01271 864 003

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